About Me

Masrudin, Tour Guide Pangandaran

Masrudin, Tour Guide Pangandaran

I came from small Village and I was born from a Farmer family and my Father’s position as The Farmer Advisory Board,  where afterward he resigned and then became a real farmer.

Since I was kids I was interesting about Nature, I like to go to the jungle with friends or families, I like climbing (most of the time climbed on the coconut tree to get the coconut for the neighbors), swimming   and diving (without google ) in the fish pound or in the river to catch the fish because I don’t like to catch the fish by fish hooks.

I did many kinds of Job from works in Restaurant, Hotel, Car Mechanic, Swedish company (Swedish Space Corporation) in Jakarta etc…!  most of what I did it was not only for money but also to learn (learning by doing), I also like reading now I have a book shop and some Tourist said it’s the biggest book shop in Java and Bali we have more than Ten Languages.


Showing tourists Pangandaran during one of my tours.

And now I feel what I’m doing as Ecotourism Guide and Tour Guide is My destiny I like my job and my job is my hobby, because almost any time I lead the tour it’s always became new friends same as Mr Freek Boelders and Family They are one of my customer who trusted and took me as they Guide during staying in Pangandaran, now they are my friends and this web site made by; Mr Freek Boelders .