About Pangandaran

peta-pndPangandaran  is almost 400 Km South east of  Jakarta through Bandung and Banjar by car, car and train or by plane and 254 Km west of  Jogja through Sidareja and Kalipucang by car, car boat car again or car and train.

Pangandaran is situated in the south cost of West Java and one of Java’s  finest  beaches where possibly to swim, snorkeling, sun bathing, Surfing and fishing .The Pangandaran Nature Reserve is part of this small Fishing Town, and the focus for Travellers; it lies along the narrow isthmus of a peninsula with board white sand beaches that sweep back along the mainland.DSC03619

The Large Jungle headland of the peninsula teems with wild buffalo, barking deer, long tailed macaque, black monkeys, flying lemur,  monitor lizard(leguana), porcupines, hornbill, bat and flying fox. Secluded,  tree-fringed beaches are to be found nearly all the way around the headland, though the best beaches for swimming  are on the west side.

As if all this is not enough, at Pangandaran it’s possible to enjoy the unique experience of seeing the sun set and the moon rise over the ocean simultaneously  at full moon. And every evening, at dusk, you’ll see a mass of flying foxes flying west across the setting sun, Pangandaran is an idyllic place to take a break from travelling and the local people exceptionally friendly, The locals lives mostly by fishing, many of them rowing their boats out to the sea from the East beach where You’ll nearly always find whole families working together to pull the nets from the sea to the beach.

Green canyon TourIf lazing around the beaches and tracking through the Jungle of Pangandaran begins to pall, you can head off East or West to the other objects nearby. About fifteen- km driving to the North-west there are Citumang spring valley where able to swim and jump into the crystal colored water fall, further west Batuhiu beach relax spot to enjoy panorama (17 km), Green Canyon  Boating and swimming between the high steeply sloping river side in the middle of the deep jungle of Java (31 km)and there are also a beach at the Fishing village of Batukaras where you can Swim and Surf (39 km), Heading East about fourteen km there are Karang nini (beach, jungle and panorama)and further East about seventeen km  are Karapyak Beach where you can enjoy  the beautiful  panorama